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wolf by higway 75

wolfs in idaho

my cousin sent me this photo of a pack of wolfs she seen by the highway just north of ketchum and sun valley last week.

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MN. says ... on Wednesday, Oct 31 at 9:59 PM


jeff says ... on Wednesday, Oct 31 at 9:56 PM

You Wolf lovers need to understand when God created this animal that it was designed to KILL! We as humans fear them for a reason. They can be very aggressive in the wild. They need to be managed. If they multiply like coyotes have, WOW!!!

william says ... on Friday, Oct 28 at 12:34 AM

so i take it was killed for being to big dos that meen if wer to big thay well kill us to.

Evil says ... on Thursday, Oct 27 at 11:38 PM

Wolfs ?

JImintenn says ... on Sunday, Nov 14 at 5:39 PM

I live in Tennessee, not in Idaho and it upsets me to see an oppurtunistic killer of animals like wolves being interduced into an area. This area was supporting it's local economy through hunting. The economic support is now VERY questionable. WHY??

born and raised id says ... on Monday, May 17 at 9:21 AM

as more packs are formed and move thoughout the state closer to towns and populated areas the risk of losing a child is inevitable it will happen i have seen the remains of wolf kills on elk and even 1 mountain lion 1/2 mile from ketchem city limits

born and raised id says ... on Monday, May 17 at 9:14 AM

wolves haved moved into every hunt unit in the state yes it may be nice to see one in the wild for once but you should travle to canada for that i for one would like to see my children learn to hunt as i didfrom my dad not to see deer and elk ina zoo

wolves says ... on Sunday, May 16 at 3:26 PM

if you take the wolves back to canada chances are their just gonna come back and maybe some more wolves will join the packs as well.

rikilee says ... on Tuesday, Jan 12 at 10:07 PM

you know as a game hunter i gotta say wolves need to go back to canada. i love wolves they're beautiful but they should stay in the deeper parts of the woods. im sick of coming across kill in my backyard.

we need balance says ... on Tuesday, Jul 28 at 6:57 PM

job security. (if it's not broke don't fix it) so they break it. now the tax payers have to fix it. look how many jobs they created for themselves. there were plenty of wolves here before they were re-introduced. drop the hammer

world_peace says ... on Monday, Jul 20 at 4:42 PM

See, reasonable compromise. Balance is restored to Idaho, and though nature takes one for the team, earth-worshipers get to feel good about extending a hand of brotherly love to suffering humanity.

world_peace says ... on Monday, Jul 20 at 4:37 PM

Earth worshippers, you're in charge of figuring out how to get the meat to a third-world country in need...unless you don't care about world hunger?

world_peace says ... on Monday, Jul 20 at 4:34 PM

After carefully reviewing all comments, I think I can propose a compromise that all parties can agree upon. We thin the wolf population by killing most of them, not all, but just shy of all, and only for food. Low cost solution,repeat every few years

Nowolvesforidaho says ... on Saturday, Jul 18 at 3:26 PM

a simple man says what? Really? You are full of it. They eat till they are full, then off to another. They are not bears, who do bury them for later. You dont know what you are talking about. Canadian gray wolves and Idaho timberwolves-different!

Asimpleman says ... on Wednesday, Jul 15 at 3:51 PM

Wolves are an extremely intelligent animal. Wolves are one of few predators that will kill multiple sources of food and store the earnings and leftovers by burying them in the ground, and saving them for later;

Asimpleman says ... on Wednesday, Jul 15 at 3:39 PM

Kevin, not to burst your bubble or anything, Timberwolves and Gray wolves are the same species. As for the rest...Humans are the only species on the planet that have hunted anything into extinction. Wolves and other such predators hunt to survive.

Disturbed says ... on Thursday, Jul 9 at 2:59 PM

I guess no one has ever heard of the "Natural Selection" concept. But that is above most levels of thinking considering that some people possess the "God Complex" and want to reintroduce bad things, what next "T-Rex"?

Kevin says ... on Wednesday, Jul 8 at 3:25 PM

The Grey Wolf is NOT native to our area. The original was the Timberwolf, not the Grey wolf. The Timberwolf is a much smaller, less voracious predator. And, this is OUR backyard too, as we are inhabitants of this earth. We are not intruders here.

ganglia says ... on Thursday, Jul 2 at 10:24 PM

I saw one at Boise Town Square

initialpoint observer says ... on Monday, Jun 22 at 4:32 PM

Native2idaho wolves have been found near kuna 2 years ago to where killed in the desert between melba and kuna both with radio collars on.

tony says ... on Sunday, Jun 7 at 12:10 AM

I've never before seen so much ignorance. Only in Idaho!

IdahoDreams says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 3:13 AM

And Bob, come live up here in Horseshoe Bend, If you dont want to take your dog for a walk, or let your kids play outside or take your garbage out ot night, walk by the river,take a short ride to the woods, unless you have a gun handy NO WOLVES

Idaho Dreams says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 2:55 AM

Idaho Fish and Game removed 24 elk kills from The Sun Valley Photom Hill pack before Danskin Trail was open this year 17, of which were elk calves. The wolves are over the Hill now at Boise Is Eagle, Emmett ,Kuna BACK COUNTRY I DONT THINK IT IS.

native2idaho says ... on Friday, Apr 3 at 8:22 PM

In kuna? ok now your reachin. Not somebodys pet, i live near kuna and know of a few wolf-dogs in the area, dont make stuff up to prove a point

killemall says ... on Friday, Apr 3 at 7:55 PM

we killed the wolves off for a reason. have you ever met one in your backyard. i have. i live in city, in kuna. to be honest, i dont care if there is a season or not, i see one, its dead.

nowolvesforidaho says ... on Friday, Apr 3 at 4:45 PM

Bob, speaking of idiots, obviously does not know what he is talking about. Cougars do kill to survive, just not to kill, unlike the wolves. They all (the wolves) need to be removed one way or another. Open the season up, they will be taken of!

native2idaho says ... on Friday, Apr 3 at 4:19 PM

Well put Bob.

Bob says ... on Friday, Apr 3 at 1:33 PM

Most of you idiots don't know what the hell you're talking about. If you understood the "wolfs" you wouldn't be blathering all of this nonsense. The wolves were apart of Idaho before we killed them all. Cougars kill more livestock than wolves.

native2idaho says ... on Thursday, Apr 2 at 7:35 PM

well if your going to raise animals in the high country you need to take precations to avoid these things. Higher fenceing is a good place to start or electrical. We all take precations to avoid bad things in our lives so figure it out.

nowolvesforidaho says ... on Wednesday, Apr 1 at 3:27 PM

They don't just kill to survive. They kill to kill. There was a recent killing just outside of Cascade, 2 wolves 73 sheep, 1 night. That is not killing to survive, that is killing to kill. Unless they are extremely fat wolves. They sll need shot.

native2idaho says ... on Tuesday, Mar 31 at 8:28 PM

Only man could be arrogant enough to want to kill off an entire species after you moved into thier homes.If you dont like it move out of the mountains.Yes it is nature, all species kill to survive and its not always a pretty site. SO LEAVE THEM ALONE

nowolvesforidaho says ... on Tuesday, Mar 31 at 3:33 PM

Wolves reintroduced into idaho was a bad idea. They are not killing just to survive, but killing to kill. Witness an elk killing by a pack of wolves, and you might understand. Hopefully there will be an open season soon, not like there isn't already.

think about it says ... on Tuesday, Mar 31 at 12:33 AM

these hunters who are crying about their poor game being killed need to stop. At least they kill to survive -- its called nature-- They were here before you and will be after , they may inconvience you all but get over it what next the bear?

Bottom Line says ... on Tuesday, Mar 17 at 1:55 PM

The bottom line is these so called wolf lovers, who love animals, need to step back and realize they introduced an alpha killer that has to be managed. They are killing the elk and deer rapidly, hunters even kill their game before they start eating!

commonsense says ... on Sunday, Mar 15 at 6:48 PM

I say we need to control the wolf population. This is a good place to start the process. Let them move into the Libs backyard and see how they like having to look over their shoulder every time they go outside. It won't be long til they want 'em out.

Wolf Hugger says ... on Saturday, Mar 14 at 9:35 PM

She SAW not seen SAW Grammar in this country has gone to the wolves. You idiots in Idaho amaze me with your fear and hate

Eyeball Lick says ... on Saturday, Mar 14 at 9:32 PM

She SAW the wolves. The grammar these days is disgusting.

wolves4id says ... on Wednesday, Mar 4 at 3:24 AM

So they belong in Canada?? Get real, the Indians moved around to avoid being killed off, the wolves did the same. Idahos problem isn't wolves, it's outsiders moving here and telling us natives how to run our state, go home if it was so great there!!

chuckinketchum says ... on Wednesday, Feb 25 at 4:28 PM

pastone58 says ... on Thursday, Feb 12 at 6:22 PM

Do your homework. There's no "Canadian" wolf, just gray wolves; they're the same animal. And while you're at it, find one documented case of a wolf attack on a human on any continent. Oh yeah, they aren't dogs either. Nor do they hunt with rifles.

Ross wilson says ... on Sunday, Feb 1 at 2:15 PM

What I do not understand is if you look at all the people that sign papers to keep the poor little wolf they from out of state. They are not the the people that are losing cows,sheep, deer and elk population. Take care of your state not ours

Killing what does not belong!! says ... on Sunday, Feb 1 at 2:02 PM

Millions spent getting rid of them millions spent getting them back millions spent controling them millions spent getting rid of them Anyone see anything wrong with this pic.

Kimber says ... on Saturday, Jan 10 at 2:51 AM

Dances with wolves are you flipping kidding me? "Their" territory? hahahahahah hold on have to stop laugh "at YOU" their territory is in CANADA...Duh....try reading it's amazing.

Dances With Wolves says ... on Friday, Jan 2 at 7:32 AM

If you camp in the wilderness, you expect to have wild life as neighbors. When man encroaches the wilderness and turns it into his ruin, he should also expect the same wild life as neighbors. WE are moving into THEIR territory, NOT THEY into ours.

Delist these puppies says ... on Tuesday, Dec 30 at 8:06 PM

Wolves have saturated available prime habitat. See 2007 wolf pack map: Leave the wilderness to the wolves, but they do not belong in our neighborhoods.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 11 at 4:31 PM

Just because thire are too many does not mean that they have to be killed. We reintrodused them, we should find new places for them to go.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Dec 9 at 5:25 PM

"RE-Introduction" how did the wolves "take mates from the local population" during the initial releases? How can you "RE-Introduce" if there was a local population?

lol says ... on Thursday, Nov 27 at 6:35 PM

"They don't fear humans and run and hunt in packs just like wild dogs" maybe because they are wild dogs!

Trix-Mix says ... on Tuesday, Nov 25 at 7:10 PM

Canadian wolves shouldn't be in Idaho. Simple as that. In Canada there is more wilderness, but here in Idaho, all the Californians are moving in and taking away natural habitat with their huge fancy houses. No space for "Canadian" wolves.

Sixgun says ... on Sunday, Nov 23 at 10:01 PM

Why did they ever reintroduce the things back into the wild.I have heard of hunters losing game to the wolves,I see one,its a dead one!

wildbull says ... on Saturday, Nov 15 at 6:20 PM

Perhaps a couple of you would make a good meal for the wolves... considering that it obivious that people like Ken Germana are not going to evolve anytime soon.

echoblue says ... on Friday, Nov 14 at 4:15 PM

These beautiful animals are killing everything in site. There needs to be some control before they decide some child is a tasty snack. They don't fear humans and run and hunt in packs just like wild dogs. Even coyotes are coming to town to get away

mike hones says ... on Thursday, Nov 13 at 9:45 PM

It's wolves not wolfs

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